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Don’t take on your search alone!

Gregg Quimby has all the experience you need to help you find your new home. Beyond being a realtor, he previously worked as an appraiser for local homes. In his personal life, Gregg has spent time flipping homes and has a keen eye for a good floor from experience as a flooring specialist. Check out what past clients have to say about how outstanding their home buying experience was with Gregg!

“I had an awesone experience with Gregg! Almost every day, I would get an email with listings to explore. Any house I wanted to visit, he would meet me there, and offer his expert advice as to the quality of the house. Gregg being a former home appraiser is invaluable. Gregg is not only a master in his field, but a really nice guy as well. He’s very low key and doesn’t pressure you at all. I would recommend Gregg to anyone looking to purchase a new home.”  -Jim R.

“Initially, I didn’t think I needed a buyers agent, but Gregg made me a believer. He was with us every step of the way. As I travelled through unfamiliar territory while purchasing a new home, Gregg showed us someone was truly looking out for us and on our side. On several occasions he gave us outstanding advice. I can’t say enough about Gregg’s knowledge, integrity, honesty, advice and patience along the way. I highly recommend him for all of your real estate needs.”    – Judy and Bill H.

“We would absolutely recommend Gregg for your real estate transaction! Gregg helped us sell both a commercial and residential property in one year. During each exchange he was easy to work with, personable, professional, and knowledgeable of each type of property. As a former appraiser, he has an acute knowledge of property values which was also extremely helpful. And, his effective and timely communication made the whole process smooth and less stressful.”  – Lisa S