Meet Our Team
“My clients are like family to me. It’s not just about selling and buying – it’s about building trust, understanding needs, and guiding clients to the decision that is right for them.”
Meet Our Team

Eric Cudmore – Real Estate Consultant

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“Unwavering commitment to the process and the heart to achieve the ideal solution for a client – is a Realtor’s success”. Eric Cudmore’s 18 years in the business has consistently proven this to be true. Eric has developed an expertise in real estate consulting, new construction, residential home sales, land development, and commercial properties – He is known for his exceptional work-ethic, impeccable integrity, and commitment to his clients.

Eric takes pride in being detail-oriented, listening intently, and always asking questions that will achieve the highest results. His focus remains on problem solving, skilled negotiations, and quality that will never be compromised for the sake of speed or profit. There is no home sale or deal too small to take on and handle with the utmost of professionalism, he takes a personal interest in making sure every client’s vision becomes a reality.

Eric Cudmore was born and raised on the North Shore, and currently resides in Middleton, MA – in one of the many homes he has built. Though Eric’s clients are his number one priority and always come first, when outside of real estate he enjoys participating in many hobbies. You can find him in the next bass fishing- tournament, hiking, relaxing at his lake house, or even in his competitive dance shoes from time to time.

Meet Our Team“I have had my hand in many facets of the real estate industry and enjoy helping clients evaluate their options and negotiate successfully. I watch the market carefully – following its inherent peaks and valleys – in order to provide accurate and up-to-date information, in a way that is clear and understandable even to first-time buyers.”
Meet Our Team

Gregg Quimby – Buyer’s Agent

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Gregg Quimby brings a unique set of skills to customers in his role as a Buyer’s Agent and Commercial/Investment Property Specialist. In addition to 20+ years of experience managing and procuring real estate for a restaurant franchise in Massachusetts, he has also worked as a licensed home appraiser, flooring sales specialist, and occasional ‘house-flipper’ who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

Born and raised in Danvers, MA, Gregg is a native New Englander who understands the value of a hard-earned dollar – and vigilantly protects his clients’ interests in every transaction. As a former appraiser, he looks beyond shiny cabinets and countertops and pays special attention to the quality of a home’s internal systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc…), construction, windows, roofing, and other items that might otherwise be overlooked. He is committed to educating and enhancing his clients’ experience so they are able to make informed decisions and avoid ‘buyer’s regret.’

Gregg has been a resident of Middleton, MA since 1995 where he lives with his wife and 3 children. In his spare time, Gregg enjoys fishing, playing softball, and spending time with his poodle/maltese mix “Rosie.”

Educational Background
Salem State University, Bachelor of Arts​

Meet Our Team“The combination of my active & aggressive approach along side Eric’s expertise of knowledge and negotiating skills is the perfect combination to sell your property for the most amount of money todays market will allow.”
Meet Our Team

Chad Marrocco– Real Estate Agent

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Chad Marrocco is a hard worker who is committed to bringing value to his clients. He has a passion of motivating others to be the best version of themselves. Chad really sets himself apart with his strong communication skills as you will never feel like you are out of the loop once you become his client. He is never too busy to take your calls or messages, no matter the time of day. The combination of his energy and reliability, alongside his team’s 20+ years of experience at Cudmore & Associates, is the perfect formula to help you accomplish your real estate goals in 2023.